Tech Talk explores impact of autonomous vehicles on our roads

02 Jun 2021

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With Britain on the verge of a transport revolution potentially adding £51 billion per year to the UK economy by 2030.

With Britain on the verge of a transport revolution potentially adding £51 billion per year to the UK economy by 2030, speakers from Coventry University and autonomous vehicle software specialist Conigital will come together to shine a light on the future of autonomous vehicles in smart cities during a free webinar on Tuesday 8 June.

The event, which forms part of commercial technology accelerator BetaDen’s popular TechTuesday series, will focus on latest developments in the industry, outlining the likely impact of autonomous vehicle technology on the future of mobility in smart cities around the world.

Linda Smith, founder and CEO of BetaDen, said: “With the UK gearing up to trial autonomous vehicles on the motorway network later this year, experts predict that incorporating autonomous vehicles into our transport infrastructure could prevent 25,000 accidents and save 2,500 lives per year, as well as creating 320,00 jobs.

“While trials are ongoing, technology is developing apace and getting the infrastructure - and interface between AI-driven and human-controlled elements of our smart city networks - right will be crucial to it’s ultimate success.

“We’re looking forward to hearing from Siraj Ahmed Shaikh, director of research at the Institute of Future Transport & Cities at Coventry University, and Tom Robinson, technical director at Conigital and associate director at International Connected Automated Vehicles (ICAV) about the latest developments and creating a platform for further discussion and learning about the opportunities and challenges involved.”

BetaDen’s TechTuesday event takes place at 10am on Tuesday 8 June and is free to attend. To book your place, visit

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